About Us

Our Goal

1) Learn all pedagogies and adapt the best one
2) Build Trust with your little ones
3) Work on Fine and Gross Motor Skills
4) Help Preschoolers to be independent from the onset.
5) Enhance your Logical and Aesthetic Creativity.


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About us

Seekh Teachers Training Institute aims to deliver a premium teachers training program which prepares innovative learners to lead themselves before they lead the world!!!
Variety of Classroom and Online Teachers Trainings Programs.
Seekh offers well tailored teacher training courses for aspiring as well as active teachers planning to step into the world of early childhood education.
We have three levels of courses:
Preliminary, Advanced and Masters in Early Childhood Education and Development.
We also have specialized courses which can be done after the basic Courses are completed.
Our courses are comprehensive in nature and provide an understanding of the theories and methods of early childhood education.

Our Vision

1) Create Teaching Endeavors which empowers teachers with traits such as leadership, empathy, compassion and integrity.
2) To deliver consistent learning support and development to all teaching.
3) Combining Best Global Practices of Early Childhood Education.
4) Deploying dedicated resources for the sustained Evolution of preschool environment.

Our Mission

Prepare Innovative Learners to lead themselves before leading the world!!!!