Preliminary Course in Early Childhood Education and Developement

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• The Course is appropriate for both experienced and aspiring teachers looking to enter the pre and primary teaching industry. Also, aspiring entrepreneurs planning to open pre-schools or crèches will benefit from this course.
• The curriculum consists of basic topics like Classroom Management, Lesson Planning and Approaches of Early Childhood Education, which will allow the participants to upgrade their skills and boost their career as pre-primary teachers.
• Successful candidates will receive the globally renowned Seekh Teachers Training certificate which will add value to their resume.
• The courses are endorsed by __________
• Participants will receive complete support from experienced Seekh tutors and will get access to online videos and materials in order to complete the course conveniently.
• Preliminary  course is of 45 hours duration
• Maximum duration of the course is 6 months
• Course can also be completed in fast track mode
• Flexible course which can be pursued from any corner of the globe
• Course is available in both online and distance modes
• Course can be availed at a reasonable price

The Preliminary teacher training course is of 45 hours duration which helps the prospective teachers with building skills and developing professionally can be completed in 6 months.
The certificate course offers enough flexibility to the candidates who can pursue it from any part of the globe in either online mode or distance mode.
Today’s teachers should be aware of the methodologies of how children learn and have a thorough idea of the various activities to develop their skills by providing a supportive learning environment.
This proves the fact that teachers who are planning to be pre-primary teachers must undergo professional teachers training because pre-primary education is considered a vital step in laying the foundation for all the future learning of a child.
The certificate course enables the trainees to get a grasp of the contemporary pre-primary teaching methodologies which they can avail at a reasonable course fee inclusive of all taxes of Rs 6400/- (Plus GST)for online course. Candidates with basic computer skills and an internet connection can take up online course and the candidates who wish to receive hard copy study materials can opt for distance mode.
Preliminary teaching is a challenging job but rewarding at the same time.
The preliminary course imparts training on the latest teaching techniques so that the teachers can adapt to any future pre-primary classroom with confidence and ease.


  • Preliminary Course In early Childhood Education and Development
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